Part I: They're Not Going to Like Us, But They're Damn Sure Going to Remember Us.

by Just Plurals

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Celestaphone Beautifully compiled, versatile album with a handful of surprises. Awesome vocal performances & instrumentation. Love this project for that reason. Bonus points for being masterfully engineered, overall great sounding record. My runner up for favorite track would be "Sucking Up the Pellets". Favorite track: Cunts.
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released August 13, 2016

Just Plurals, as they appear on this album:
Cody Wansedel: Guitar, Bass, Vox, Programming, DG-20, Saw, Kazoo
Mark Vessella: Guitar, Vox, Programming
Logan Lawson: Drums

Additional Personnel:
Kendel Liggins: Vox (Track 2, 8), Piano (Track 8)
Trevor Layle: Vox (Track 10), Slide Whistle (Track 8)

Engineered by: Cody Wansedel, Logan Lawson, Tony Ross, and Gideon Ault

Mixed by: Cody Wansedel with help from Logan Lawson

Mastered by: Patrick Elmore

Tongue & Groove Productions



all rights reserved


Just Plurals Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Cunts
I like jelly on my toast. So sweet to some, but sticky to most. Don’t much fool around. I’d bet money on my boat. My boat is just so much better than your boat. Dripping down the walls of the cunt. Bleeding out on the sidewalk. Waiting for the bus. Trying to escape town. Public transportation’s got me down. C’mon, man, gimme a break. (No!) Tell me, that cunt really stank? (Uh-Uh!) Paying all the bills and I play with my children. Wondering what will happen to me while all the other things just keep on happening... to all the people in every other place I can think of and... I’m just laying here, feeling quite fatigued... and it feels so comfortable. Feels so much realer than it usually feels. As of late I’m having trouble acting like myself. Also, void of energy to act like them.
Track Name: A.T. the Axtra Terrastrial
No, you fucking don't.
Track Name: Splinterfuck
As I walk down the trail I see a place where I can sit down and think about the little girlie... and a bit about the color brown. Thought about going swimming, but it seems I forgot my trunks. Doing the best that I can. Ending up with a splinterfuck, yeah. Why won’t he just look at me? I deserve attention too. Try to speak my language too. Learn to speak my language too. Grab a rope and tug it on through. Ba hee ha ho ha. Three blind mice. Good thing they can’t see the rub-a-dub. Three blind mice. Good thing they can’t see the chub. Put it down with a deep sigh. Hang my head, and I just cry. Lock it up in the case right after I’m done sweeping off flies. Touch the trunk of a good tree. On my leggings, wipe off the sap. What I do is very tiring. So I go home. Take a big nap.
Track Name: Sucking Up the Pellets
I’m wearing the crown, but it’s a bit too tight. My temples hurt. Mind slips away through the cracks it formed in my skull. Super glue keeps the juices in that help me function. Seems these days that the hemispheres are too obstructed. Chavi was a little boy, studying. Did well in school. Krumpton was a hearty bear, nodding hard. Then, he just scrumped. Keisha was so beautiful. Met her dad. He’s a nice guy. Chrissy’s a transexual. Took her home. He had weird parts. Porkchop was a baby bun, eating meals. Making small poops.
Track Name: Justin, Baby Boy
Hey, Logan, no one will ever take you seriously if you don’t cut your hair neat and clean. Hey, Cody Wan. You’re too greasy, man. Please take a bath, and your clothes look like trash. Mark’s a shitty party host. So conceited. Always boasts. Bragging all about his stereo. I don’t give a fuck, and now you know. Justin, baby boy. A, B, C, D, E, F, G. One, two, three. Justin, go outside. Play with the little boys and don’t you hide. Justin. Hatatatata. Baby boy. Hatatatata. A, B, C. Hatatatata. E, F, G. Hatatatata. One, two, three.
Track Name: Little Thrump, Big Yes
A little thrump and a big yes. A little bear named Krumpton Scrump. A little thrump. A big fat fucking yes. A little bear named Krumpton Scrump. Roots in concrete can’t move much on their own. Live in shelter. Bitch, are you fucking with me?! Trying new things can’t be all that scary. It could kill you. Bitch, are you fucking with me?! All your favorite pastimes are fucking disgusting. My opinion matters, I’m sure that you know. All your friends are strange, and they scare me to death. Blend their bones into smoothies! Personality always comes from the third. Sign a petition and save the whole world. Rainbows of hope are now black and abysmal. Don’t know what that means, but it sounds fucking dark. Earth is a horrible place to raise a family. Can’t you tell from my screaming?! Lines between the fake and the real world are blurred. Scrounging up change to buy ten dollar words. Alopecia. Diarrhea. Hot tortilla. Little lady, why are you so angry? It ain’t pretty. Bitch, are you fucking with me?! Little buddy, why are you so silly? It’s annoying. Bitch, are you fucking with me?! No.
Track Name: R&B Diva Drowning in Shit
Da da da. Da da. Woah. Ooh. Yeah. No.
Track Name: Jack, The Used Car Salesman
Got a couple kids and they drive me nuts, ‘cause they’re a bunch of little fucks. Got a couple kids and I hate their guts. I wanna kill them cause they suck. Bitch and whine in the evening time, when daddy wants to get drunk. I smack ‘em up, but it ain’t enough. I beat my fucking kids. Driving home was a goddamn nightmare. Dodging dogs and mailboxes. Greeted by an icy freeze. It’s safer in the den. Don’t you knock. Daddy’s busy. I wanna be alone. On the phone with a good friend. Stupid little pricks. Need to find a way to distract both my retarded children. Maybe I could make something that would... Today is the day, I make something for my kids to play. I’ll put this sock in this box and a spring to do its thing. Pops out. Kids’ll shout. They’ll be frightened, but entertained. A sweet melody jingle that’ll go ching-a-chang. I’m a successful man and the coolest dad. Solving problems that I have always had. Now I think it’s time. Papa’s getting drunk. Drinking lots of scotch and beating my kids.
Track Name: Little Inch Mitch
Little Inch Mitch is ringing the doorbell. Looking through the peephole, and I can’t tell. He’s standing proud, and he’s doing well. Saving extra money living inside a seashell. Ooh. Ah. Little Inch Mitch can’t ride a horse, because his feet don’t reach the stirrups. But, let me tell ya, when he comes to town, we’re gonna drink a lot of cough syrup.